Chapter 6 - The New Chapter

Kapittel 6 - Det nye kapittelet

A beautiful place with a plan for us.

— Gonçalo & Ina (2020 - ... )


In April 2020, during the first COVID pandemic lock down, we decided to look for a place to start a new life chapter of our lives away from the big city.

Sitting in bed during Easter,  we surfed and Håskog jumped off the screen. We immediately felt like a call from destiny. The winning bid was given later that month and Håskog was about to reveal itself to its new owners - a young couple full of will and ideas.

After dealing with all the necessary bureaucracies, we finally moved in by the first of October 2020. Håskog is a Pandora box full of stories and abandoned treasures. The place was also full of trash and neglect, but full of energy and enthusiasm, we rolled up our sleeves (with help from friends and family) and started a on going "dugnad" to restore Håskog many wonders. 

We were very welcomed by the local communities in Kvanvik and Åna-sira and they are happy to see Håskog activated again. After almost a year of working and living in the land, the dream is unfolding while Håskog keeps revealing its secrets.





“Exploring the forests and the wild nature of the property, seeing all the potential to develop and build, and imagining all the wild plants to be distilled: bog myrtle, juniper, noble fir, cypress, spruce… is a life’s dream coming true...” 

“We are amazed but humbled to receive such a gift from Håskog.

It is a magical place with a plan for us.”

Ina Hviding & Gonçalo Liberato