Welcome to Håskog

  • Ina Hviding

    I am devoted to plants and essential oils. I have an academic background in molecular biology and aromatherapy and have been working since 1996 with wild plants and essential oils in Norway and Greece. This experience has given me the possibility to test several compositions that have resulted in products of high quality that people love and can trust.

    In 2020, Håskog was bought and I started a new chapter of my life where I now have the opportunity to plant and distill essential oils from Norwegian wild plants.

  • Gonçalo Liberato

    I am passionate about the nature and fell in love with the Norwegian fjords. My academic and professional background covers different fields such as architecture, arts, design, ecology, and landscape design.

    Currently working as a Landscape Architect in Flekkefjord, my contribution in Håskog is to help design a beautiful and attractive forest garden that people want to visit.